About GeographicMind


Welcome to GeographicMind,

This virtual space aims to bring current information and processes that take place in the world, from a global and holistic perspective, such as Geography.

Far from achieving utopia, the world needs a change that allows us to manage increasingly limited resources and establish new models of territorial development, in keeping with the reality in which we live.

Everything that happens on the Earth’s surface has a geographical dimension. Therefore, I have considered convenient to use the communication tool to disseminate the issues that affect the various regions of the planet, without neglecting the impartiality and veracity of the information.

That is why I would like to invite anyone who wants to debate and share their opinions on the topics that are written here, and even propose some new ones, to create a network of common interest on Geography. Through the diffusion and participation of people, we can enrich ideas with points of view as varied as infinite.

I sincerely hope that the contents of the blog awaken in you the critical thinking and the curiosity inherent to the human being.