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Fictional maps: The continent of Baelia

The continent of Baelia was dominated by the homonymous Empire, with the exception of Loria and Geria, bathed by the Sea of The Two Continents in the southwest.

Given the magnitude of the territory, several sources of independence emerged on the east coast that led to the rise of different nations: Conquista, Salia, Zina, Levantina and Meso-Levantina. Subsequently, the nation of Zina was subdivided into four kingdoms, as the map shows: Norzina, Ostzina, Estzina and Surzina.


Baelia’s continent. Author: Arturo Arbe Fernández. Edition: Mario Alonso López.

The instability of the diminished Balearic Empire gave rise to new intraterritorial rebellions, from which emerged all the kingdoms in the north of the continent: Limesia, Cossia, Dol, Bikia, Incia, Pasia, Ifia, Liria, Acacia, Licaonia, the Bal Ank-I-Os Islands in the Sweet Sea, Frattia, Tritia, Nordia and Nalia.

Thus, with the fear of new dismemberments in the heart of the Empire, Baelia finally decided to divide its territory administratively into four: Gran Baelia, cradle of the Baelian Empire; Baelia Media, in the northeast of the continent; Little Baelia, which unites the previous two; and Baelia Insular, the only large island that the Baelian Empire could maintain.