My collection of flags


Here I present my modest collection of flags, sorted according to their date of acquisition. The only requirement that I have imposed to myself is that each flag must have been obtained in their corresponding country.

  • Germany, obtained in May 2008 in the city of Berlin. The beginning of everything:German_flag


  • Slovenia, a magnificent gift from Olga on her trip of 2012. It was not easy but it is one of my favourites:Slovenia_flag


  • Scotland, obtained in Glasgow back in 2012 thanks to Marina:
  • Scotland_flag


  • Hungary, with the shield of the country. This flag was obtained by my friend Arturo in June of 2012 in the city of Budapest:
  • Hungary_flag


  • Italy, from the city of Milan in 2012, courtesy of Rocío. According to her, it was the same day that Spain won their third Euro Cup, no less than against Italy:
  • Italy_flag


  • Belgium, through Marina in 2012, which does not stop travelling. It comes from the city of Brussels:
  • Belgium_flag


  • France, courtesy of (of course) Marina, acquired in Grenoble, 2013:
  • France_flag


  • The Netherlands, from Wageningen thanks to Laura and Olga in April 2015:
  • Netherlands_flag


  • United Kingdom, England and Wales, obtained in October 2015 in the city of Birmingham:
    United Kingdom




  • City of Florence (Italy), obtained there in May 2016:
  • Florence_flag


  • Regions of Bern and Valais (Switzerland), gift of expert Javier Rodríguez on his alpine route in July 2016:
    Bern (Switzerland)


    Valais (Switzerland)
  • Regions of Quebec and Ontario (Canada), courtesy of my colleague Alfredo on his Canadian trip. August 2016:
    Quebec (Canada)


    Ontario (Canada)
  • Portugal, a debt pending my trip in 2009. Thanks to my friend Jose in the summer of 2016 I was able to get the flag:
  • Portugal_flag


  • Malta, another gift from Jose in March 2017, from Valletta:
  • Malta_flag


  • La Rioja, my first Spanish regional flag, obtained in Logroño in July 2017. My latest acquisition:
  • LaRioja_flag


I continue to search and capture the flag, with a gesture that began in 2008 and seems to have no end.