Regional flags


alaska bandera

The Alaska State Flag was designed by a 13-year-old orphan boy named John Bell (Benny) Benson, after winning a contest sponsored by the Alaska Department of the American Legion. It consists of eight five-pointed stars. Seven of them represent the constellation of the Great Bear, the most conspicuous in the northern hemisphere; while the remaining star symbolizes the North Star, used by navigators and explorers to orientate themselves in their trips. The golden color of the stars is attributed to the gold of the province of Yukon. The dark blue background is the night sky in the Arctic Circle, the ocean, the mountain lakes, and the wild flowers.



Karakalpakstan is the largest autonomous republic of Uzbekistan, and is located at its north-western tip, on the north shore of the Aral Sea. The flag of Karakalpakstan is very similar to the Uzbek, except for the center strip, which is ocher-colored, probably an allusion to the aridity of the territory, and that the number of stars in the upper left is five, not twelve.