Oceanic flags


Nueva Zelanda Bandera

Adopted in June 12th of 1902, Aotearoa is the current New Zealand’s flag. The Union Jack (British flag), located in the canton, points out the belonging of New Zealand to the Commonwealth, and its past dependency to the Crown. In order to differentiate from its Australian neighbour, the Southern Cross have solely four stars. The white edging around the stars was added to be more noticeable.

Asian Flags


uzbekistan flag bandera

Uzbekistan was the first of the Central Asian republics to declare their sovereignty and adopt a post-Communist symbology. The flag was adopted in November 1991. Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, the crescent represents the rebirth of the Uzbek nation, leaving aside the religious aspect, and the twelve stars are counted by the twelve months or signs of the zodiac, but it is also true that twelve are the districts of the country. The interpretation of its colors is varied, although the most widespread associates blue with sky, white with justice, green with the hospitality of its people, and red with the strength of the nation. A second interpretation associates the color white with monoculture cotton in Central Asia.