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  1. If we use Neuendorf’s definition of continent: “one of the Earth’s major land masses, including both dry land and continental shelves.”, then there are really just four continents in the world: America-Eurafrasia (the Americas and Afro-Eurasia connected by the submerged Bering Land Bridge), Antarctica, Australia (aka Australia-New Guinea), and Zealandia (95% submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean).

    Does anyone know how many microcontinents have been discovered by the geologists so far? How many islands are part of a microcontinent? Where can I find a source for an updated list of microcontinents and a database containing the geological classification of the world’s major islands? The only source I could find is an outdated UNEP website which contains some archived info about the world’s islands, but their data haven’t been updated for more than 10 years.

    Link: http://islands.unep.ch/

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it´s always good to have you around. I have found Neuendorf’s definition pretty accurate to what we consider a continent today. However, as I could read about the topic, I would say that continents are separated by the major tectonic plates in most cases. This is a tricky one to answer really, there is no consensus in the field yet.
      About microcontinents, I could not find any ‘official’ list or classification made by any institute or authority. There is an open debate and each specialist have his/her perspective.

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